Residents Taking The Lead

Residents Taking the Lead Grange Farm £100 Million Regeneration

Over a hundred residents turned out for the meeting at the British Legion to discuss the Grange Farm, South Harrow £100 million redevelopment proposals on Saturday 16th April 2016. Ken Woods (centre front row, below), chair of the Steering Group said “This is the first event organised by residents – for residents. We are overjoyed with the great turn out and it’s a testament to the power of door knocking and speaking directly with people.” The residents were overwhelmingly supportive of the efforts of the Steering Group in working with the Harrow council and Hawkins/Brown architects to help make sure commitments are kept to deliver the best redevelopment in London. One of the key priorities identified at the meeting is that the council should sign up to a “Neighbourhood Agreement”, which acts as a contract with the community to help tackle immediate issues of anti-social behavior, parking, rubbish and a lack of community activities. A number of residents said they were still waiting for a council visit to help determine their future housing options. Other residents believed the council must undertake a survey of the different cultural needs and consider support for frail and vulnerable members of the community. Bill Beardon, vice chair (bottom, left) encouraged residents to come forward and help design the green areas and play spaces that will help to improve health and well-being. Chantelle Barker (below, left), part of One Enterprise Ltd, the independent tenant advisors team said she was “totally amazed by the turnout and for the first time a number of young people have come forward and want to be part of the Steering Group or to be actively involved in helping design the new neighbourhood. It’s a real pleasure for us to be working with the Steering Group on this massive regeneration project.” Fiona Allen (bottom, centre) said “The community are firmly behind the Steering Group. Residents are finally taking the lead and that can only be a positive thing for the future of Grange Farm”. Paddy Lyne, Chairman Harrow Federation of Tenants & Residents Association (HFTRA) who also attended the meeting, said “The Steering Group should be very proud of themselves. What started as a group of people who didn’t know each other has now resulted in a tight knit band of neighbours working for the benefit of their estate. This open meeting is a credit for all their hard and dedicated work over the past months. I am proud to have been included with them.” End For more details contact: Raj Kumar, One Enterprise Ltd 0845 057 3995

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