The Worlds First 3D Printed Home

It’s been almost 25 years since I visited the Netherlands as part of a social housing tour linked to my CIH qualification. I was struck by the dynamism of the Dutch model of integrating housing with health and care services and the wider general community. It offered an alternate model of social housing with minimal social stigma.

Whilst our Dutch peers are no ultimate panacea for delivering more social housing, it does today offer a glimpse into the future of housing building. “Dus Architects” are working on “The 3D Print Canal House”, which will be the worlds first 3D printed home.

Using a large moveable 3D printer called “Kamer Maker”, the building project addresses the key question of how digital production techniques can offer affordable housing solutions around the world. The Canal House is being printed with bio-plastic raw material. The techniques are still being modified and tested, with the Canal House due to be completed in three years time.

Whilst today’s house building is costly, wasteful and inefficient, the next 25 years may well see a real revolution in house building with bespoke, zero defect and low cost homes.

The skill set for your next generation of development teams may well be wholly different too – if they are not to be replaced by an “App”!

You can now visit the expo site in the heart of Amsterdam for a 2.50 Euro fee by contacting

Image above – Obama visits Dus Architects to see “The 3D Print Canal House” Expo.

It’s amazing how quickly the world is changing and how China is fast moving into the innovation sector. As I wrote my first blog on The 3D Print Canal House Expo, it came to my attention that a Chinese private company “WinSun” has just printed ten full size houses using a huge 3D printer in apparently just one day!

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Whilst the current houses are one-storey structures, WinSun hopes its technology will eventually be used to make skyscrapers!