Power to the People – 10 years and counting!

It’s been just over 10 years since we set up the boutique consultancy that is One Enterprise Ltd. Of course a lot has changed in the social housing sector in that time, as has One Enterprise Ltd. So we are using today’s blog as a way not to reflect back on the 10 years, but to convey where we are and what we have to offer going forward.

The consultancy is very much focused on 3 key areas of work in the social housing sector:

  • understanding and delivering value for money,
  • developing good governance, and
  • empowering organisations, teams and resident groups by supporting better ways of working, communicating and consulting.


These themes may sound familiar, but our approach is refreshingly different:

  • we offer real practical solutions which are always delivered in an interactive, fun and positive atmosphere;
  • we never lose our focus that housing organisations exist to serve their residents. We have always been 100% committed to empowering residents and communities to ensure there is accountability to stakeholders; and
  • the Advisory Board who oversee the work of the consultancy is made up of members from the widest range of sectors, who offer insights from some of the UK’s largest companies covering – innovative technology, retail and pharmaceutical interests.


Offering clear outcomes and solutions to organisations is our number one aim and we achieve this by:

  • working with a diverse range of people;
  • bringing together different disciplines such as planning, design and social housing; and
  • not being afraid to challenge poor practice wherever we see it – be it in the board room, workplace or neighbourhoods.


The work of the consultancy has taken us from Limerick to Glasgow, Birmingham to Bath and everywhere in between. Each region has its own challenges and opportunities. Understanding and enjoying the local context is uplifting and we have met some amazing characters along the way.


Bringing us right up to date, on 21 April 2018 we were fortunate enough to facilitate and support PA Housing’s first major event (after the merger between ASRA Housing and Paragon Housing Group), called “Better Together – You can make a difference”. It certainly was an opportunity to put into practice all of our learning, experience and expertise to help make the event a great success by:

  • building the attendees’ trust very quickly;
  • developing confidence to embrace change; and
  • sharing a common vision for the future.


This is what attendees had to say about the day:

“One Enterprise Ltd recently helped PA Housing with its first national residents conference.  The event was a great success largely due to Raj being a very engaging facilitator who builds trust and confidence with stakeholders very quickly.  I would strongly recommend Raj as an independent facilitator when working with important stakeholders.”

Matt Cooney, Chief Operating Officer


“Thank you all so much for organising a great day. It was vital that this day happened and that residents got a glimpse into each other’s ‘worlds’.  I’ve heard so much positive feedback.

Joan Swift, Chair, Scrutiny Panel


“Thanks for your input into making the day such a success.
Hope we will work together again in the future.”

Ian Watts, Operations Director



“One Enterprise helped PA organise our first resident-wide event. Raj facilitated on the day and provided advice throughout the planning process. He was professional and supportive throughout and played a major part in ensuring the day was a success”

Simon Martin, Resident Involvement Manager




For more details contact:

One Enterprise Ltd 0845 057 3995

Or visit our website www.1enterprise.co.uk