Waiting for the One Enterprise Website

For the past seven years I’ve been on the road all around the UK with One Enterprise Ltd – my social housing consultancy. Just last week took me to Mile End (East London), Ampthill (Central Bedfordshire) and then onto sunny Elgin (Moray, Scotland). In all that time I have extensively relied on social media, such as LinkedIn and Twitter to promote the wares of the company and maintain contact with an ever growing UK housing network.

Taking on associates and partners to help expand the business in recent times, has finally meant having (or being encouraged) to invest in a website and finally build the One Enterprise Website.

People say “choice” is a good thing. The journey to finding a suitable web design company was compounded by the sheer volume of choice out there – catering for every audience and price tag to boot.

In the end deciding to select eWorx http://www.e-worx.co.uk/ as the right web design team came down to three main factors:

  • Offer of flexibility (meetings took place on FaceTime and in person in our office, favourite coffee shops and eWorx’s offices in Shoreditch;
  • Collaborative working, whereby the technical bods were happy to share learning with luddites (I now understand basic HTLM, indexing – long tail key words, meta tags, search engine optimisation and the need for “ever-green content!); and
  • Afixed price contract and a fixed eight week delivery date (the project came in on time and within budget!).

 However, the real value of developing the One Enterprise Ltd website has been to focus the business on:

  • The enormous about of tools, expertise and products that have been developed over a seven year period, many of which often remain under utilised;
  • The need to be more collaborative with clients, associates and partners to promote best practice;
  • The need to maximise promotion of the brand and ethos of the company; and
  • Having the confidence to really stand up and shout out “we have arrived!”

We welcome all your comments, reviews and suggestions for improving the One Enterprise Ltd website.